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MANmagazine Truck edition 1/2017 International

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In this issue of MANmagazine, we introduce the many different areas in which our family of trucks can be used to meet a wide range of customer requirements. We accompany a TGM on a fire-fighting exercise in Izmir, take fuel to filling stations in Indonesia in a TGS, deliver "white goods" in a TGL and transport valuable sports cars to race tracks in a TGX. We also visit the high-tech Polish plant in Września on your behalf where MAN TGE vans are made. You can also read about how the RIO platform can open up new opportunities for the transport industry and why you can get way ahead with a long truck.

MANmagazine Truck edition 1/2017

01/2017 International LIFESAVERS In Turkey’s city of Izmir, Asli Oskay and her firefighter colleagues ride modern engines to arrive at crisis points just in time


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